I just wrote this to a mate or how to fit in fitness around life

I go out (hopefully) on Tuesday nights and Thursday nights. I then do Saturday morning. And sometimes even a Sunday evening. If all is good and well.
I try to swim in the morning when I am not riding a bike.

Fortunately, I live 5 mins from swimming pool. routine on swim day is:
Hope the alarms go off and wake us both up

Get changed

Get moving: Alex downstairs for 30 mins Yoga. Damian towards the door to swimming pool.

Things that need to happen before I leave

Make Alex a drink

Get the porridge oats soaking

Which entails
boiling kettle
pouring water on oats
pouring water in cup give cup to alex before she does 30 mins yoga
pedal to pool
do 1 – 1.6 km in pool
meanwhile alex finishes yoga wakes miriam up, gets her dressed,
get changed
come home
eat breakfast with family
leave for work, Alex takes Miriam to school and then goes to work
pick miriam up

On bike evening it’s no swimming and hope Alex gets home before 6.45, so we can hand over and I can get out on my bike otherwise it’s leave on my own at 7.30 and do the CSG loop as quick as possible. Meanwhile Alex works or does Yoga (broken toe).

On Saturday it’s get up in the morning early, do 50ishkm OR longer BUT both require I am back before 11am as Alex needs to do her exercise and Miriam is at Ballet from 2.

I might be lucky to throw a quick loop in on sunday night as there’s no lane swimming on Sundays.

Somehow there’s life in there as well. This means cleaning, cooking, reading books, play time.  Sometimes I manage to do the breakfast, sometimes Alex does. I do most of the cleaning and all of the laundry. We share cooking, though Alex has been doing most of that recently. Alex earns most of the money. I spend most of it.

I just wrote this to a mate or how to fit in fitness around life

3 thoughts on “I just wrote this to a mate or how to fit in fitness around life

  1. bringmemyfix says:

    But of course this depends on whether fitness is important to you. It’s a hobby, just like needlework or sudoku – it’s not a necessity unless it’s a prerequisite for your job e.g. professional athlete. There’s no need to do it. If you’re the kind of person who has obsessive hobbies, knock yourself out (which, funnily enough, is what a lot of fitness freaks end up doing to themselves: fatigue, injuries, etc.). Otherwise it can veer into the realm of displacement activity, or become a block to development and happiness in other areas of your life.

    Health, on the other hand, is a highly desirable goal. But it’s not a one-dimensional state that can be judged by metrics like VO2 Max or power-to-weight ratio or how many seconds you’ve managed to shave off your local loop this month. ‘Good health’ (or maybe ‘functional health’) needs very little time to maintain, irrespective of age. It’s not the same thing as fitness, just as it’s not the same thing as a brain ritually honed to solve crossword puzzles.

    I’m not damning hobbies. Mine happen to have shifted, and the bulk of my time is spent in a chair rather than the saddle these days. I do a few minutes’ exercise here and there. I’m still healthy. In many ways I’m a lot healthier, holistically speaking, than when I racked up the miles for fear of self-loathing born from an almost cultish adherence to the fickle preaching of fitness fundamentalists. Much of that time slavishly apportioned to getting and staying stronger/faster/fitter was, by my current reckoning, a massive waste of time. It was only good when it was fun, like hobbies are meant to be.

    Sometimes you have to drink something other than weak lemon drink. #Quinlank

    1. I agree, I don’t think I’ve trained properly for about a year. Some of this was enforced, thanks to the flare of my psoriasis into psoriatic arthritis, some of this was “laziness”. I miss being 65 kg and moderately quick up a hill. I don’t think I miss the turbo sessions that got me there. I’m looking forward to being able to swim continuously at a decent(ish) pace for approx 2 . I “should” do more functional strength stuff.i’m recording things, but I’m not bothering with power or vo2 max. If I could run, soon I think, I’ll be sort of back to the person that used to play football and ride a bike a lot. Only, i don’t play football anymore.

      It’s easy to forget bikes are just a hobby.i think my compulsion to be out on one now is driven by the nice weather, when it’s shit I’m more likely to go for a swim, the realisation of how bad arthritis can be and how actually while I still can use my body I’d like to, and static desk work.

      Weak lemon drink was that Armando’s show?

      1. bringmemyfix says:

        No, it was the actor Kevin Eldon on FOF or TMWRNJ. I can’t remember which. Too many brain cells fried by fitness activities. Not the drugs, honest.

        Hope you’re managing the arthritis. I have some niggles, but thankfully I can enjoy my mental health issues in relative comfort.

        I did go for a ride this year. It was nice.

        Speak soon…

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