It’s been a long time. What has happened since then?
I’ve had 3 massive doses of steroids injected into me.
I’ve started injecting cimzia subcutaneously every 2 weeks. I’ve had my loading doses of 400 mg every 2 weeks, and I’m now settled at 200 mg every 2 weeks.
I look less patchy, my nails are no longer yellow, #nanfeet have gone.
I still have a bit of pain in my feet when I wake up, when I finish a bike ride, and when it gets close to the time I need to inject myself.

I have in the 6 months or so of stumbling from a (self) diagnosis of arthritis to a misdiagnosis of plantar fascitis and back again to a confirmed diagnosis of arthritis found myself unable to walk around easily. I found myself sliding down the stairs on my arse to get downstairs in the morning. I found myself taking 30 minutes to walk a distance I usually did in 10. That was distressing. The swelling of my feet meant I had to “floss” between my toes, such cheese many smells. The skin started cracking and it looked like I had trench foot / athletes foot.

Then I started my treatment. I’m vaccinating myself essentially. I’m injecting an antibody which binds to a molecule known to be the/one of the key regulator/s of inflammation and inflammatory responses in human biology.

Science works.

It’s all a bit happier around Sydenham now. I’m back on my bike. I’m swimming still, I started again when I thought “that’s it then. no more bikes for me”. I may start running. I won’t do triathlons. I promise.

Here’s that Oliver Coates song, because it’s pretty ace.

and because cello, here’s some Arthur Russell.


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