I just wrote this to a mate or how to fit in fitness around life

I go out (hopefully) on Tuesday nights and Thursday nights. I then do Saturday morning. And sometimes even a Sunday evening. If all is good and well.
I try to swim in the morning when I am not riding a bike.

Fortunately, I live 5 mins from swimming pool. routine on swim day is:
Hope the alarms go off and wake us both up

Get changed

Get moving: Alex downstairs for 30 mins Yoga. Damian towards the door to swimming pool.

Things that need to happen before I leave

Make Alex a drink

Get the porridge oats soaking

Which entails
boiling kettle
pouring water on oats
pouring water in cup give cup to alex before she does 30 mins yoga
pedal to pool
do 1 – 1.6 km in pool
meanwhile alex finishes yoga wakes miriam up, gets her dressed,
get changed
come home
eat breakfast with family
leave for work, Alex takes Miriam to school and then goes to work
pick miriam up

On bike evening it’s no swimming and hope Alex gets home before 6.45, so we can hand over and I can get out on my bike otherwise it’s leave on my own at 7.30 and do the CSG loop as quick as possible. Meanwhile Alex works or does Yoga (broken toe).

On Saturday it’s get up in the morning early, do 50ishkm OR longer BUT both require I am back before 11am as Alex needs to do her exercise and Miriam is at Ballet from 2.

I might be lucky to throw a quick loop in on sunday night as there’s no lane swimming on Sundays.

Somehow there’s life in there as well. This means cleaning, cooking, reading books, play time.  Sometimes I manage to do the breakfast, sometimes Alex does. I do most of the cleaning and all of the laundry. We share cooking, though Alex has been doing most of that recently. Alex earns most of the money. I spend most of it.

I just wrote this to a mate or how to fit in fitness around life


It’s been a long time. What has happened since then?
I’ve had 3 massive doses of steroids injected into me.
I’ve started injecting cimzia subcutaneously every 2 weeks. I’ve had my loading doses of 400 mg every 2 weeks, and I’m now settled at 200 mg every 2 weeks.
I look less patchy, my nails are no longer yellow, #nanfeet have gone.
I still have a bit of pain in my feet when I wake up, when I finish a bike ride, and when it gets close to the time I need to inject myself.

I have in the 6 months or so of stumbling from a (self) diagnosis of arthritis to a misdiagnosis of plantar fascitis and back again to a confirmed diagnosis of arthritis found myself unable to walk around easily. I found myself sliding down the stairs on my arse to get downstairs in the morning. I found myself taking 30 minutes to walk a distance I usually did in 10. That was distressing. The swelling of my feet meant I had to “floss” between my toes, such cheese many smells. The skin started cracking and it looked like I had trench foot / athletes foot.

Then I started my treatment. I’m vaccinating myself essentially. I’m injecting an antibody which binds to a molecule known to be the/one of the key regulator/s of inflammation and inflammatory responses in human biology.

Science works.

It’s all a bit happier around Sydenham now. I’m back on my bike. I’m swimming still, I started again when I thought “that’s it then. no more bikes for me”. I may start running. I won’t do triathlons. I promise.

Here’s that Oliver Coates song, because it’s pretty ace.

and because cello, here’s some Arthur Russell.