Data viz stuff.

I always write about bikes and feels about bikes.

I’m making a change.

I also like maps and science and data.


Here’s something from Nathan yau’s book “data points”.

His blog flowing data is ace.





Is worth a look at.




Data viz stuff.

Freedom of information

I’ve started subscribing to more science stuff. I remember reading about amputations in food processing in the guardian (where else..) a number of years ago.

This article shows the extent of it in one food manufacturer.

A couple of notes: band saws, fork lift trucks, skinners, planers, and 35 million chickens a year.

Amputations abound at Tyson Foods, OSHA records shed more light on industrial food production

OSHA now requires employers to report when a work-related amputation occurs. In the first nine months under the new regulation, how many amputations did one of the country’s largest food manufacturers report to OSHA?

Source: Amputations abound at Tyson Foods, OSHA records shed more light on industrial food production

Freedom of information


Thanks Wayne.
Thanks for listening, thanks for talking, thanks for the coffee, the motivational chats, the interest in my life, in my family, the laughs, the shared rolling of eyes at people, the talk of bikes, sharing telly, bright times, organising the kit, organising the club, not biting too hard when we were clearly winding you up, the spotting things I didn’t know I needed and then pointing them out, the dreaming, the calls after you’d done a turbo session, the chat we had before the madison cross, the knowledge you were clearly in your element cheering your mates on and having a laugh at and with them, the being serious but not taking yourself too seriously, the bbqs you organised.

These are just the things I can think of now, no doubt over the rest of my life there’s going to be “oh fuck, there was that as well”.

I love this song, I love the stupidity of the film.
I’m not sure if Wayne did.

The chorus is the killer and I think it’s pretty apt.