Weekend of cross.

Wow. What a weekend.

Friday night was Incredibly Cross in Burgess Park. Sunday was Frylands in the woods.

Friday night was a Christmas Party on bikes in SE London. It was daft, and a bit like when the bridges rides from teh fixie forum were good (5+ hours to cross every bridge starting from Kew and ending at Tower. Or vice versa).


The course was great (thanks to the organisers), the only disappointment was the ditch before the MEGASLOPE. I really wanted to ride that. Big Bob from Herne Hill would have looked like nothing.

Lots of good things, got a hand up of Crabbies. Next lap had someone bellowing in my face to take a hand up, which I didn’t want (warm Red Stripe? I’m a gluten intolerant this month!).  Met some old friends from teh peak fixie years, rode home.

Saturday : Woke up, went to ballet with Miriam, made lunch, washed bike, made tea, went to local production of Oliver, emptied the back garden of rubbish, went to bed (after looking at GQ (seriously, who reads that now?) and listening to the boxing.

Sunday was Frylands. I’ve ridden it once before, single speed (and over geared with retrovision 42 x 18), and completed 2 laps before abandoning with a puncture. I told myself  I was going to do at least one more lap. I did. I did 3 whole laps. Here are the results.


LOOK! I finished. ABSOLUTELY DFL. I got lapped by everyone I think. 27 minute lap!!??

The mud was incredible, I was advancing maybe 10 – 50 metres before having to stop and pull out what felt like a kilogram of mud and leaves from my front fork.  My practice lap was so long I nearly missed the start. I made good ground up the hill when the whistle went, catching up and overtaking a fair number of people. Then the mud started and it all went to shit. I should have packed in after lap one. I told myself, at least 2 laps. Somewhere near the beginning of the second lap I spoke to one of my fellow lunatics, and voiced the “i think i might quit”. “don’t quit you’ll make up the places when everyone else packs in”.

Thanks Scottish dude on a white bike and blue and black kit with red stripes. That provided the motivation I required to continue plugging onwards, getting lapped, shouldering my bike, pulling mud, remounting the chain, and thinking “at least I’m getting something out of this”.

That lap was 27 minutes. At this point, everyone was passing me. I shouldered my bike thinking “I need the practice”. Then my hip hurt, then my back, then I realised I should probably do some stretching soon. Then my shoulder started aching and the pedal had hit me enough in the small of the back.

I thought I’d learn how to handle the bike better in mud, I sort of did. I thought I’d get experience of shouldering and running, I did. I could do much better at this and any thought of 3 peaks is now firmly out of mind. For now, no doubt.

If I was faced with this again, I’d quit after lap 2 rather than pushing on for one more lap.


No photos so far.



Weekend of cross.