Herne Hill Cyclocross

The results are in!

I finished a staggering 53 out of 123 people who finished the whole race. I was 1 lap off the big boys.

I take some comfort in the fact I was in the last, the very last, line of people at the start in the old men’s group. I did get beaten by two of the really old men, but I think (given who they are) this is sort of acceptable.

I don’t have any photos or any videos or more importantly, I don’t have any sound clips.

I’ve had people come and cheer and shout my name at races before. I now have a definite measure of what is and isn’t acceptable. I had 8 laps of Miriam hollering “GO ON DAMIAN” and “GO ON DAMIAN MARLEE” and “GO FASTER DAMIAN”.

She was also shouting for Andy P as well.

She’s considering coming to more races, I think she’ll shout for anyone if you pay her in cake or haribo.

Herne Hill Cyclocross

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