Sunday Sunday Sunday!


I raced the postponed londonxleague race this weekend. At Addington.

I think I did alright. It was warm, sunny, and importantly I didn’t puncture.
I tried to catch as many people as possible and managed to stay away from the people I caught. Which is good right?

There was lots of “it’s a grass crit” being thrown out on the start line, but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s a race. It goes like this:
flat start, corner, up the hill, technical slalom downhill, flat, corner into barriers, uphill, down through a technical section again, with a long off camber right hand, 180, turn left, back up the hill, technical turning, flat along the top, left hand into more down hill, funny left at the bottom, right turn into a steep bank and 180 turn over the bank and then flat along the bottom to the start line. Lots of turns, no real mud. x 9 or 10 laps.

It was fast. I made sure that each time the course went up the hill I was going as fast as I could, because I knew I’d lose time on the technical stuff. I only worked out by lap 5 that I should ignore the front brake and get on with it… I stacked it on lap 1 at the bank 180 because of a rut on the right hand side. I didn’t stack it again. I had one terrible barrier interaction where I tried to dismount on the left and it all went tits up. I had another one where I was racing into the barriers and there were two back markers. I managed to get delayed a little bit, the person I was chasing got ahead. I nailed it up the slope and had them behind me by the time the course started turning around again.
Most of the positive memories from the race involved pushing hard up the hill or on the longer sections between the technical stuff.

I finished 26th. I finished one lap down and looking at the results I can see that I was about to get lapped I think…

So. 26th. Massive improvement over the last races.

Sunday Sunday Sunday!


Right. WE ALL LOVE NINA. Don’t we?

This song annoyed the fuck out of me when
BBC whisperyvoiceacousticversionohlookitsthesamefuckingsongsfromthesamefuckingbandsagain.what’sthat?jowhileyhasalotoanswerforyousay?andthosepricksmaconielamacqradcliffeetal. rinsed the cosmic fuck out of it.

Suddenly. This sounds so much better, you know, when it’s sung by someone with the biggest set of balls.


Herne Hill Cyclocross

The results are in!

I finished a staggering 53 out of 123 people who finished the whole race. I was 1 lap off the big boys.

I take some comfort in the fact I was in the last, the very last, line of people at the start in the old men’s group. I did get beaten by two of the really old men, but I think (given who they are) this is sort of acceptable.

I don’t have any photos or any videos or more importantly, I don’t have any sound clips.

I’ve had people come and cheer and shout my name at races before. I now have a definite measure of what is and isn’t acceptable. I had 8 laps of Miriam hollering “GO ON DAMIAN” and “GO ON DAMIAN MARLEE” and “GO FASTER DAMIAN”.

She was also shouting for Andy P as well.

She’s considering coming to more races, I think she’ll shout for anyone if you pay her in cake or haribo.

Herne Hill Cyclocross