A new one.

A new bike adventure! A new blog! I am totally predictable.

Last night I actually raced a bike. For the first time in a long time.
Summer cross series 1 at Bethlem.
There were 120 riders in my race, Juniors, Seniors, Veterans, and Women. As a grizzled veteran I started at the back of the pack, 30 seconds down from the first starters (the juniors). I think I was at the VERY back of the Veteran pack. It certainly seemed relaxed where I was.

It was a fast course, I fell off once, I caught 2 out of 3 teammates, I had a bit of an ongoing battle with a rider on a blue Trek and another rider with very squeaky brakes. The organisers were great.
I look forward to the next round.

What a review.

In other news I’ve been reading:

Sinister, imagined life in the 1970s. Bleak. AND FUNNY.


A Corinthian Endeavour

FAN BOY ALERT: It’s written by PJ (Blog)

It’s a really well crafted book.

Why do I like this book and why would I recommend it?

It’s funny, it’s moving, it’s nerdy. It’s a fairly niche subject, the fastest people on a bike up a hill from some time back to right now. However, this is not really a book about gear ratios (though they’re in there), lactic acid (that’s described), and hurting yourself (sort of in there, but not in a machismo way). What I got from it was a spiritual reflection on life, riding a bike, being part of something, connecting with the world, the struggle of life, and the type of person who will say yes and no to  a Belgian chocolate biscuit with their tea.

Buy it. NOW.

A new one.

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