14 days in April

Yes. Yes. I don’t need to know all the little details..

I’m enjoying two weeks off between jobs. It’s quite liberating. I’ve taken a week to look after Miriam in the afternoon. Leaving me to ride my bike/do jobs/waste time in the morning. Next week is the exciting time of having THE WHOLE DAY OFF for 5 days. Though, I’m pretty sure the weather will be shit. And I’ll be trying to get the painters (and decorators and radiator moving expert) in. Ho ho ho.

The weather has been great, I appear to have picked up a stalker on my travels. Someone who follows me and takes pictures while I’m riding. I’m not sure who they are, but they appear to be some sort of obsessive type.

I’ve not been exploring new areas, I’ve had a time constraint each day, so I’ve been visiting areas I know. Areas like Hogtrough Hill, Brasted Chart, Cudhams, Downe. Climbing Hogtrough or Brasted on the way home is becoming “a thing”. Hogtrough this week was glorious. It’s a bit of a grind, either turn on to it and go straight onto the “big slope” (FUN!) or climb it from the bottom (weirdly, my preferred option). However, it’s quiet. The bluebells (see Nick’s photos below) are out in full f f e c t. As was the new kit I purchased. What’s missing is the Kestrel (or similarly sized raptor (but most likely a Kestrel)) facing into the wind blowing from the east. I ground out a full 20 revolutions per minute, it was effortless. Using the wind to position itself perfectly and fight with gravity while it looked for something to kill.



14 days in April

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