Dos Boot

A shorter blog today.

A late start to the day, it was getting close to not going out at all. Nick bullied and cajoled us out. My stomach didn’t feel great. My legs were sort of looking forward to not doing exercise. However, strangely, a bit of work and they stopped complaining.

Nick and Dan decided to go up and then down. I didn’t want to. I stood by my guns. I said no. I went back at Caimari.

I got sort of lost a bit on the way home. Which is to be expected. I sort of knew where I was heading, I managed get around. The roads were nice. I rode through a site of natural beauty, I didn’t ride into the coastal headwind (just the inland headwind).

On the run in back home I bumped into Dan and NIck by the side of the road fixing a puncture because of a slashed tyre.

We all got back together. It was quite nice.

Bit tired. Might go to bed.

Many pros.

Dos Boot

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