Day 4.

Here are some pictures from the Bexley Ten TT we competed in our trip.

The horn.
No vomit.
A layby.
A layby in Spain. No doggers.
Diesel Dan
Diesel Dan.
I don’t want no minute man.
Dat ass
Such casual. Many pro.
Ass for days.
Such poise.


Today wasn’t the greatest day of my life. It just seemed like an apt link.

Today was supposed to be recovery. But you know, we thought, WHAT SHOULD WE REALLY DO? Let’s go for a potter out to the velodrome, take some pics, and then come home. Route looks flat. It’s only 90 Km. Less than 1000 m of climbing. Should be fairly easy right?

30 Km down the coast road with the wind whipping off the sea front soon had us crying for a right hand turn. Eventually it came. A coastal road sounds nice. This was not nice, no views of the sea, traffic up our arse, or sounded like it, lots of noise from the wind and the road and the cars. It was just like doing a ten in Bexley. LOLZ.

After turning right, things got a bit better. The road rolled. It was sunny. There was very little traffic. We arrived at somewhere near Algaida.

My kit caused many envious stares from many mamils in bad kit.


If you’ve been following the travails of my cyclotourisme, you’ll be aware of the amount of vomit in the last 2 days. Today there was none. Lunch was omelet. In a baguette. For everyone.

I call this my velodrome spray and pray shoot.

IMG_20150318_145514  P1040334 P1040333 P1040336 P1040338 P1040337  P1040341 P1040340       P1040351 P1040350 P1040349 P1040348 P1040352 P1040355 P1040354 P1040353 P1040357 P1040356   P1040360     P1040365

Still lea(r)ning.
Some poise.

Here is some scenery.

those socks.
Dem guns.

IMG_20150318_144441~2  photo1(6)

After battling with a headwind we managed to find more head wind on the way home. I guess that’s what happens when you travel south and the wind blows from the east. And then you travel north. And the wind still blows from the east. There were some moments when the wind moved behind us. Not many. But some.
My face is red from all this wind.

After getting home, Nick went to “bang some more Ks” as he “wasn’t happy with not completing a century”. I wanted to go home as any more wouldn’t “increase my smiles to miles”. Dan needed to get his bottom bracket sorted as it was clicking with every rotation and not when he exceeded 330 Watts.  I went with Dan to Alcudia. Back down the coast road. With a headwind. I hated that bottom bracket. I hated that ride to the shop. I hated the fact our shop didn’t want to have a look at the bb. We got to Alcudia. We got to the shop and a mechanic stripped it, cleaned it, and reinstalled it. NO CLICKING.

We cycled home. NO HEADWIND. A TAILWIND. I was pleased. And started happily smashing along.


Tomorrow should be recovery.

I’ve been here 4 days and have ridden more back to back days than I’ve ever done before. I’ve climbed more in a day, but not by much when I compare it to the Kentagon. I’ve had good times. I’ve had BANGING food. I have demonstrated my ability to eat all the food. To the extent it’s thought I have a tapeworm. Or more than one.

Day 4.

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