I’ve set myself the target of writing every day while I’m away. Let’s see what happens. I’m hoping to get pictures up / nicked from the other two.

We arrived in Palma at 4, we got out of Palma at 5. At 5.30 it pissed it down. It really pissed it down. It battered it in from the sea along the coast. It’s safe to say there were three adults sat in a car contemplating why the fuck they’d spent money coming to ride bikes in weather that was freely available at home.

While Dan set his power bike up, Nick and I ventured outside into torrential rain. I’m not making this sound worse. In the 5 minute walk to the shops we got soaked. Bikes were collected. We walked back to the apartment. We got drenched again.

After getting drenched walking no more than 100m, we went to buy food. We got wet. We stopped at the bar, I think we’ll see more of this bar, we ate. We watched football, we saw  Titchie Richie fall off as he went around a corner, I ate a baked potato with everything. We went home. It hailed. It hailed a LOT.

We’re in Majorca. It’s just like this.

Team decision: let’s see what the day is like tomorrow. We’ve read 3 different weather sites. They all say roughly the same thing. Nice in the morning, grimmers in the afternoon.

Woke up, rode down the coast road. Got bored. Turned back. Got more water, rode to Cap Formentor. That was quite nice. Quite nice? It was awesome. We had saddles slipping. We stopped. We had steady incline. We rode up it. We descended smooth.

It felt just like riding in Kent.

Here’s some pictures.

P1040292 P1040293 P1040294 P1040285 P1040289 P1040290 P1040291


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