134. Space Walk

Repro Man - stories from a reluctant reprographer.

I didn’t realise my knackered Fiat Punto can actually do eighty miles an hour.
Under other circumstances I might marvel at this milometer milestone but at the time I’m sweating with fear, screaming at other cars to get out of my fucking way as I try to break the West Yorkshire land speed record in a desperate race to get home.
The term ‘the phone call that every parent dreads’ is a much bandied-about cliché, a tabloid headline, a Take-A-Break favourite to give bored housewives a delicious tingle of tea-break-terror before settling back into the comfort blanket of the humdrum and everyday.
Actually, Take-A-Break should rebrand as Tea-Break-Terror. Or maybe I’ll start my own shabby publication. I don’t know.
Me and the Punto amber gamble at a junction and we win.
The call came at work, the parental dread phone call. This time it was one parent phoning the other…

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134. Space Walk

Recurring themes in my life.

There are times in my life when this song pops up.

It’s quite cliched to say it’s a positive motivating force in my life

It really is. It’s impossible for me to exercise to Transition. Because every time I hear it, it stops me. It makes me think. It’s a bit like Proust’s madelines.

It then makes me think of songs like this

Anyway. Transition. Bit of a cosmic coincidence song, always makes me think of “where next in my life?” “it’s time to change” “do I really want to be remembered for this?” “what’s your name?” . Which is why it makes it difficult to exercise to, precisely because it stops me from pushing myself. Not that I need much help in stopping myself from going.

Recurring themes in my life.