Cross. Very.

These two pictures pretty much sum up my first race.

Poor technique (look at that carry!) and poor decisions (I should have ridden those steps – and I was politely letting the bigger boys through. And I was fucked. utterly).

However, it was more fun than my failed raced from 2013 at Hillingdon (no crash, nicer conditions, less nerves). And I’m back on here.

Cross. Very.

Don’t you forget about me.

Dear Everyone... Love, Sabrina

Dear Everyone,

Let’s not forget that “giving credit where credit is due” is still an important part of a civilized and respectful society. When someone does something new or creative or praise-worthy or kinda cool or ahead of its “time” (or sometimes even some shit they’re supposed to do anyway), they should be lauded or at the very least, acknowledged for doing so.

It seems lately, however, that people (mainly white women in media and the entertainment industry who write articles in periodicals) seem to want to keep all of the credit for themselves. ALL OF IT. (That’s super selfish, y’all.) They want credit for stuff they’ve done, like making pumpkin-flavoring a “thing” and making it acceptable to wear Uggs with EVERYTHING (thank you ladies). But they also want credit for shit they didn’t actually do.

Just to be clear, here are TWO things for which white women do NOT…

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Don’t you forget about me.