It’s dust. It really is. It’s dust. In MY EYE.

A friend, I have one. Honest. Recently alerted me, well not just me. Me and the rest of her social network on one of the popular social meeja hubnodes, to a link of 14 short stories that can be read in a lunchtime.


Here’s one of them.


“Do you know, I won’t miss anything but you and the girls. I never liked cities or autos or factories or my work or anything except you three. I won’t miss a thing except my family and perhaps the change in the weather and a glass of cool water when the weather’s hot, or the luxury of sleeping. Just little things, really. How can we sit here and talk this way?”

Which instantly made me remember:


When is the revolution coming?


It’s dust. It really is. It’s dust. In MY EYE.

Whirling around

Yesterday, while clearly busy, I went on a popular social media site and saw a video a friend had posted.

this one:

This was utterly compelling. I found some more stuff.

This is worth a read.

If you’ve got an hour, who hasn’t??, then have this on in the background while you’re doing something. It’s a full Chechen Zikr. This is more than an hour of chanting, dancing, and generally working yourself into a state where you’re clean and thinking only of God. I’m not religious. This clearly is. The video cuts at around 1 hour 13 from the madness of the dance to more chanting, but this time sat down. It then kicks off again.


The physicality of this is insane. Clapping, chanting, repetition, physical movement, there is something primal about this isn’t there?

It wouldn’t matter if you believed in God or not when you went in, though I’m pretty certain you’d need to believe to be admitted into the building, you’d believe in something when you were in there and when you were leaving.

Here’s a more professionally shot video, I’m not sure it’s as interesting.


I could actually spend hours finding videos of similar things. And not in a “ooh look at the funny forrins dancing funny” way.




Whirling around