Icebreaking questions at work, who have you been mistaken for, never usually reveal

“That guy from Flowered Up” (Liam Maher)


The story of Flowered Up is worth a read.

I’m not going to pretend that when I was 16 I was living it. Far from it.

I do remember that pirate radio in Nottingham was great. I do remember buying Aphex Twin records, Underground Resistance records, I remember a guerilla record and probably something on Cowboy, I bought Gunshot, London Posse, Hijack, Silver Bullet records.

And then I went to Salford and went down the Britpop path.


I really, really, wish I’d not gone down that route.

A long time ago.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned I lived in Nashville. I used to be a scientist. And had a radio show for precisely 12 weeks, and then we decided to leave. Waking up at 5ish to lug records over for a 2 hour show starting at 6 am and finishing at 8am seemed a sensible thing to do. To bring a bike into the story, I think I used a mountain bike as my transpor. With decent hubs.


Not only did I get free training, and the opportunity to have my own show, I got to listen to random callers asking for less disco at 7am please.

This is my last show. With extra special guest star appearances from Alex.

I think we had a row in the middle of the show.  I’m putting this up here, again, mainly for Cassie who wanted some form of audio that captured our English accents, so she could use them for work.



A long time ago.