South London sunshine.

it’s that point in the year where winter has retreated, there’s still an increase in temperature around the corner, there’s still the crushing inevitability of rain that will destroy this transition to spring. However, right now, there is a glowing ball of orange radiating light and heat. Our garden is in bloom. There are bluebells, white and purple, white blossom, red berries, magnolias, things grafted on to rose stock that look like roses but might not be.





We ended up living in the run down mansion with the overgrown, English, ornamental garden because a house sale fell through. We’ve been here since December, it’s been exciting listening to the sounds of West Norwood. It’s been interesting watching the garden become this thing of colour and life. Of particular interest to all 3 of us is the pond. There are newts. NEWTS!
There’s possibly a fox that hangs out here, almost certainly some cats, definitely rats. They have to be here. I would if I was a rat.

South London sunshine.

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