Another weekend of intervals

This weekend. Cor. This weekend.

Well. What a weekend.
After running around to view houses on Friday, I actually managed to do some drinking repeat intervals with a mate. At a local pub. In Peckham. I missed the last train and got a bus. And a kebab. I did a sprint session on that. No vomit.
As a family we went to Bishop’s Stortford on Saturday. No chance of looking at the excellent example of a Motte and Bailey castle at Mountfitchet. There was a bit of beer and some lasagna and a lot of music video repeat sessions.
The journey back was amazing with transitions at Tottenham Hale, Crystal Palace and a final hill session from West Norwood to the rundown mansion.

I then spent most of Sunday realising that as a parent my major task appears to be washing machine repeats. Empty, hang up, fill, turn on, fold. Repeat. I was close to breaking point.
So I went to bed at 8 and sort of felt better this morning.

I am now responsible for taking Miriam to nursery and child minder every morning. I am hoping that we’ll stop using the 315 (though it’s her favourite) and go back to walking over the hill and down on her scooter. And then hopefully I’ll be able to bring my bike along as well and ride straight from these waypoints to my final destination.

I used to ride bikes. I’m sure I did.

Another weekend of intervals

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