Living in a hi viz world.

It really is a hi viz world out there.
I am channeling my euro pro fluoro vibez at the moment in the castelli stench jacket.

Cycling into town this morning against a vicious headwind I clearly noted the amount of hi viz fluoro reach for the lasers clothing out there. Cyclists with safety jackets and 3M reflective strips, helmets, bag covers, overshoes. Construction workers covered in the stuff. Street cleaners wearing it.

It’s so fucking loud out there. Thank fuck I don’t have synesthesia.

Living in a hi viz world.

3 thoughts on “Living in a hi viz world.

  1. Bit sad, isn’t it? Children are brainwashed with it too. In the ordinary course of teaching I might ask a child why they should do something – such as looking over a shoulder – and occasionally they’ll just reply “Because safety.”

    Last term I was at a school which was expanding and had acquired a site across the road. Children had to cross back to the old site for lunch etc. A 15m walk to cross the road, tops. They were forced to wear hi-viz. Drove me nuts.

    1. I find it particularly grim, that we have to try and help our “overloaded brains” to focus on what’s important. i.e. not hitting other people with objects we may be controlling (poorly).

      And that to do this we have to use yellow. Jesus. YELLOW.

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