I never managed to catch the video when this was released.
I do remember having an emotional evening to this one time though.


For my Turkish peeps

This goes out to my Turkish reader.

The squat is being moved on. I look forward to seeing more men wiping their arses on house walls in Streatham.


Living in a hi viz world.

It really is a hi viz world out there.
I am channeling my euro pro fluoro vibez at the moment in the castelli stench jacket.

Cycling into town this morning against a vicious headwind I clearly noted the amount of hi viz fluoro reach for the lasers clothing out there. Cyclists with safety jackets and 3M reflective strips, helmets, bag covers, overshoes. Construction workers covered in the stuff. Street cleaners wearing it.

It’s so fucking loud out there. Thank fuck I don’t have synesthesia.

Living in a hi viz world.

Here we go again.

It is with some trepidation that I find myself writing down “plans” and “what I want to achieve with a bike”. Again.

We’re still not settled into our house, we’re still living it up in a big mansion that is in desperate need of attention, I’ve still not committed to indoor training, I’m still going around in circles on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m still “a bit nervous” (as Miriam might say) about picking a couple of TTs and going for it.

Bars. Disc wheel. Sperm helmet. It all seems a bit much for a not yet but only just not yet 40 year old.
I guess my “plan” should be pick some local 10s. Pick at least one or two 25s. Preferably in a nice part of the world I haven’t been yet. Maybe pick a 50. Have a good time.

What I’d like to do is ride my bike in places that aren’t just outside of London.
There may be a chance to do this in Italy this year.

Someone in my office got me “Road to valour”, about Gino Bartali. I am hoping there will be the opportunity to potter around roads and get lost.

Here we go again.