Some stuff.

I don’t know how far ahead/behind I am with these. Though looking at the release date on two of them, I’m probably miles behind and sound like a pissed up dad on a night out.

“yeah, there’s this music right, and the bloke stands at the front with a microphone. there’s no one else with any instruments, just this big fella at the back with a couple of record players. that’s not fucking music. anyone can do that. talking over some records.”

Anyway RinseFm this morning while fixing my bike in the scullery 

It made the cleaning and recabling brakes a lot less bothersome.

No riding, but family splash time at Balham. Which had the brilliant situation of too many kids in the pool. Insert joke about dropping the kids off.

Featuring the line of one indignant parent:

“are you saying it’s a numbers thing? My kids can all swim, they’ll be at the deep end”

Some stuff.

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