Distractions by technology

I’m still fretting about going uphill and not making a dickhead of myself.

Because my garmin is knackered, and because I love a bit of distraction while I’m sat pedalling and going nowhere, I signed up to TrainerRoad.com.

I like it, it’s a bit demoralising to see how badly I’m doing. All I keep thinking is this:


Only I’m Ivan Drago. And I’m going to lose.


It is quite interesting though, to watch a virtual power trace and try and keep it where it “should” be.

I’ve got a free month (I can opt out for the first 30 days no quibbling), if I “enjoy it”, I’m very tempted to throw $99 and get a yearly plan. And then see what happens over the winter.

I think that after my attempts at not making a dickhead of myself I’ve got these two things to look forward to in the winter.

Distractions by technology

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