It’s been a long time. Again.

There’s at least 1 better blog out there if you want to read the words of a proper bike racer and the feelings of paranoia approaching hill climb time. I absolutely recommend it. Without sounding like too much of a fan boy, I hope I get to see PJ mullering it up Yorks and White Lane this year.

I’ve had three weeks off work, which has been fantastic. I had one week of sitting doing turbo intervals, one week off visiting friends, and another of turbo training/hill “reps”/potty training MJ. Potty training was easily more fun and less hard work than trying really hard on a bike and wondering if that will be enough effort to not make myself look like a dickhead in 2 weeks. And then again 2 weeks later.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures or “data” to show off from this period of intensive, insular, highly focussed training schedule. Because my trusty bike computer can now only record data. Fortunately, it’s still under warranty. But if I return it now, I’ll have nothing to monitor my “progress” on. What a dilemma eh?

I’m fairly certain you can picture a sweaty, oddly proportioned, short person flailing their legs around for short periods of time, gasping for air and grunting occasionally. I’ve had at least two sessions where I’ve been shaking afterwards, and one where I nearly vomited at the end of a “rep”. I’ve never had that. I felt quite pleased. This is NOT normal behaviour. I think that much is obvious.

I can tell you that Mastodon and Slayer have proved to be better listening than my usual Detroit techno for the static sessions.


I can also tell you that my cheap Chinese iPod rip off paired with my cheap Maplins headphones are proving themselves effective training tools. Unfortunately, the iPod rip off does that thing of listing 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, etc etc. Rather than 1,2,3,4,5. Which makes the Ben UFO Fabric mix I want to listen to seem very fractured.

What I really need is a speed metal/techno mix of about 1 hour or so. 10 minutes, gently increasing to full on sonic warfare for about 45 minutes.

Other things I’ve contemplated include the size of different mammals testicles.

Riding out to White Lane I have been fortunate enough to ride past a couple of rams in a field. Their testicles are enormous. Really. They are massive.

And there’s a reason why. Sperm competition.

Specifically, large testes are favoured in situations where there are lots of pairings. Smaller testes are favoured in relatively monogamous situations. As you can probably imagine, rams have lots of pairings with multiple ewes. Therefore, they require more sperm for more pairings.


In multi-male breeding systems male success would equate with the ability to
produce several ejaculates of full fertilizing capacity in quick successsion. In single-male
breeding systems individual males will rarely copulate frequently over a short period of
time, and even if he did so, declining fertility of successive ejaculates into a single female
would be of no consequence. Unfortunately, good data are only available for humans.
Human sperm counts begin to decrease at ejaculation rates larger than 3.5 times per week
(Freund, 1962, 1963). This is actually above the copulation rate recorded in most studies
(Smith, 19846).

For a comparison of testes in Primates

From this paper.

I don’t know where this was all going, but sheep balls started it.

It’s been a long time. Again.

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