A slightly better return to the crash scene

I’m off work for a week! A whole week! What shall I do? How about tidying up? How about applying for some jobs? How about catching up on sleep and reading?

As Kendrick might say

Fuck dat!

The weather is glorious.  I’ve managed to get two rides in already this week and it’s only Thursday.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my first TT. The day seemed to be heading along the path of least resistance until 3 pm, I’d plotted my route. And loaded it into the infernal machine that gets me just as lost as my own internal machine.  I calculated I’d need to leave my house at 5 at the latest to get to Hillingdon for 630.  I’d decided I was going to attempt the course on the winter bike.

At 430 I was still finishing the Sainsbury’s order. Out the door at 5, woah woah woah there neddy! I’d forgotten that I’d been swapping stems over from nice bike (CAAD 10) to winter bike (Ridley). And guess who forgot to tighten the stem bolts? Fortunately, I didn’t die. I didn’t crash and managed to tighten the bars into position. I then rode off.  And got a puncture. Turning the bike around I walked back home, thinking I might not make it, the distance was almost too much. 100 metres in cleats is not  particularly elegant.

I grabbed the nice bike, put air in the tyres and got going. I then had a beautiful ride over to Southall via Wandsworth, Putney, Richmond, and Twickenham. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it. The traffic was mental, lines of cars crawling along.  I’m going to be doing this club TT more often I think, but getting to Hillingdon for 630 from Central London is going to be even more fun….

The event itself was good. Lots of nice bikes with aero wheels. And I wasn’t the only person from my club there, so that felt good. Safety in numbers and all that.

I didn’t start so well, I’m not a big fan of being held up by someone else, I’m a bit like this horse trying to get into the stall

I smashed my gel into my face before the start, clipped in, wobbled, pushed off, go, got into a rhythm. Fuck. I didn’t start the garmin. And I hadn’t reset it. Right. 10 laps. I just have to count to 10.

That didn’t work out so well. I did 11 laps. I pushed on ok, it was windy. No aero bars,  I could make up some more excuses. It was a good effort. I think I can go faster on that course if I can get my cornering right, and also if I didn’t concern myself too much with those who were coming up behind me. I made too much of moving out of the way for the faster people.

There was a recumbent vehicle pelting it around the course. I don’t think the rider had an aero helmet on. But then the whole bike was one one big aero helmet I suppose.

The weather is still glorious, and is hopefully going to hold for the weekend. I don’t think I’ll be doing any more riding though, as there are two birthdays to prepare for. One will involve dancing,  crazy make up, running around, trying to work out what people are saying over the noise, slightly wobbly view on what is actually happening due toa  lack of sleep, and the other will be going to see Theo Parrish.

I am excited for both.

A slightly better return to the crash scene

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