I don’t want to make the leap of “I did this” and “Now this has happened” but….

Last night I went out on my bike and I spent a lot of time in the drops, more than usual and definitely more than when I rode to Chelmsford on Saturday.

This morning I woke up twice. Once at 330 am to hear my neighbours discussing their plans of getting up and being out of the house at 830 am to catch their train at 847 am. And then again when the subtle alarm on my phone woke me up 6 am.

Somewhere between waking up at 330 and thinking “please, if there is anyone out there listening, do not let the neighbours have sex. I really don’t want to hear that” and going back to sleep and then waking up at 6,  my neck decided to stop working properly.

I can’t turn my head to the left without saying “ow”. I wouldn’t mind but:

I took the day off work

I took the day off work to ride a bike with Alex


I’m pretty fed up with the situation, fortunately I’ve booked another day off work next week to try again.







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