Update time!


I signed Miriam up to the Toddlebike trial earlier this year. I think it’s safe to say that she’s quite keen on her transport system. When I remember to offer the option of “pushchair” or “bike”, bike usually wins. EVEN if I ask the question the other way around.

The first time she used it, she insisted that her mate came with her on the journey.

First ride

As well as coping with the stress of carrying a passenger, she also managed some savage downhill sections.


Yes. That’s road salt. Treacherous downhilling. WITH ICE. AND A BABY.

Anyway. Miriam loves her bike. She’s pretty competent and capable, shows more courage than her Dad does with negative gradients. More importantly, her crashes don’t cost as much.


At first she would carry her bike around, something she still does when she stops at the kerb to cross a road. She picks up the bike, I lift her and her bike.  We cross, “no cars”, and then she’s off again.

It’s great for getting around the park, getting to the park, going to the shops and stuff. I’ve yet to test it on the morning “dash to the childminder”. I think it’s probably best left for fun, rather than for function.

The bike itself is great. It’s light, it’s plastic, it’s brightly coloured. I cannot recommend them enough. Miriam loves it, it brings an amazing amount of fun into her life. And moments of panic into mine.

So it’s a perfect learning tool for the both of us, and we still get to have f u n.



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