Purging. Clearing out. Getting rid. Moving on.

Mind blowing. Decisions.

No head on collisions though. The slow, rational, considered approach of improvements and purchases necessary for each of the bikes was thrown out of the window this week.


Goes the reliable Banana Dad Taxi. Winner of two KOMs at one point in my history of commuting. Sporting massive mudguards, SKS chromoplastics (the mudguard of dry feet and arid bottom). With the ability to carry large loads thanks to it’s considerable rack. I used it, infrequently, to carry Miriam around. Unfortunately, she’s too big for the childseat now. Which caused me to pause. And consider my options.

I need, well I don’t need but would like, a bike that can carry MJ around, get the shopping on, go to the pub (without clip clop shoes), be relatively unobtrusive and undesirable to others, have threadless forks, leap tall buildings in a single bound, be faster than a speeding bullet, have wings of steel. Yeah, that kind of thing.

Alex’s MumBike has been replaced with something quite nice. So MumBike is sitting unloved and unused. It could be turned into MumBike 1.1, but it’s too big for me. I look ridiculous on it. Plus it doesn’t have threadless forks. In addition, it requires a complete overhaul, new wheels, the cost of repairing it would be similar to buying something.

Buying something. Buying. Buying. It’s all about buying isn’t it?


Trading out two bikes to replace with one do it all general transport system. I’ve been looking at mountain bikes,  because. Er. Because. They look good? Er. They. Er. They. Er. Someone I know has one for similar purposes. In pink. I might be having  a look at that. Someone else I know uses theirs for exploring and touring.

Why do I want one? Threadless fork. Lower top tube, should make it easier to get on and off if a child seat is on the back (until my flexibility improves, obviously). They’re available at reasonable prices? BINGO.

I saw a Specialized Rockhopper in porno red for about £100.  I’d spend that much on stripping down MumBike 1.0 to rebuild as MumBike 1.1, I may as well face up to facts. I’m buying another bike.

Purging. Clearing out. Getting rid. Moving on.

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