In which hope promises so much.

After the longest coldest winter known to recent bicycle converts like me, there appears to be the faint glow of light in the sky. The nights are longer. The air feels warmer.

Can this be what they call “Spring”? I’m not taking my mudguards off yet. Basically because they’re on there permanently or as good as permanently. (Thanks crudcatcher race guards).

Last Thursday I was fearfully creeping down inclines in the dark, with a brake that didn’t really work. Today, I have a new set of forks to install on the nice bike (but that might wait until the weekend). My training bike is now 10 speed and now has a new seatpost and decent bar wrap. That is exciting.

And, just to add to the increasing levels of excitement in my bike related world, there’s the possibility of a new project.

Project MumBike 2.0.



In which hope promises so much.

3 thoughts on “In which hope promises so much.

    1. Project MumBike 2.0 will allow child carrying. But possibly not on the rear. Project Child 1.0 has now reached mass > 15Kg and having that on the back of my fixiewoowoo was particularly interesting last week when we went swimming.
      Project MumBike 2.0 may be single speed. Or 8 speed.
      Some chopping of bars may be required. And wheel truing. And cabling.

      1. 15 extra kg does sound like a lot of hard work. It’s a pity you can’t divide children up and put them in panniers. Mumbike 2.0 sounds ace, though. I look forward to reading about it…

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