A continued need for mechanical skills in my life.

It has been noticed that since 2007, when I came back from Nashville and decided to use a bike in London (after being convinced I wouldn’t die by Alex just getting on and doing it), that my abilities to do anything mechanically minded are poor, weak, and/or useless.

This isn’t confined to my bike “skills”. However, bikes tend to be the thing that I balls up most frequently. And given the cost of ballsing something up, I tend to think “let someone else do it”.

Which makes me think of Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, and what a waste of time that was to read . I don’t want to be the romantic who doesn’t want to understand the way things work. I really do think about how things work. I just happen to learn by breaking things and then realising what I should have done.

I just have dicks for thumbs. Basically. Rounded bolt heads? Yep. Overtightening? Yep. Failure to remove play from headsets? Yep. Completely bewildered by the thought of recabling a bike? Yep.

Today, this post was generated while listening to this:

B-Graff (Anthony Rucker, Nashville)

A continued need for mechanical skills in my life.

2 thoughts on “A continued need for mechanical skills in my life.

  1. Dave says:

    Don’t worry about it!!! When I got married, I couldn’t even wire a plug! I was always falling off my bike – normally on my way to school as I was rushing cos I was perpetually late. I, like you, was always snapping cables, stripping threads etc. People said I was heavy- handed – an understatement I think!! Some things never change!!!

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