One of those “I wonder what happened to ….” moments just happened right now. 

This afternoon I was listening to some Townes Van Zandt. Which made me think of Nashville. Which made me think of the apartment block I lived in. My neighbour Tim moved in shortly after me. He was amazing. 

He moved back to Nashville from Alabama, after quitting his job in IT. He’d been in Nashville before and played on stage with all the names, or so he said. You can never be sure of what’s truth and what’s embellishment when you’re listening to a story. So you’d listen to the story, and the story of him being on a boat for years, and you’d think “yeah, yeah, sure”. 

Then, he asked if I could help move some furniture or something. Maybe I was bumming a cigarette off him. I can’t remember why I ended up in his poky apartment next to mine. Maybe Alex and I had a beer on the porch, and he’d had one with us. Anyway, this is turning into one of those stories. 

I was in Tim’s apartment. And thinking “yeah, sure, of course”. And then he picked up his guitar. I’m sorry I doubted you Tim. 

He gave me a CD which has a fantastic song on it, particularly the version on the CD he gave me, it’s called “When you’re done with California”. I love that song.

The second story has a similar vibe, in that Tim came to my house. We were drinking with Giles and Julie. He saw the door was open, knocked, came in for a beer. Asked if he could sing. Giles and Julie were pulling the same face I must have been pulling when I first experienced Tim reaching for his guitar. 

He nailed it. Nailed it. 

By his own admission, he blew most of his original contract up his nose. And then got into trouble again. 

We left Nashville in 2006. He gave us a coconut monkey. 


He passed in July 2007. 

This is the best, in my opinion, of his 5 songs on his myspace page. 


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