My head is full of thoughts. Thoughts that aren’t often resolved.

Take today. My commuter bike needs some attention, the tyres definitely need more air in there, the chain is too slack, the headset probably needs tightening (there’s a lovely knocking sensation when I pull the front brake), the front brake rubs and is probably indicative that something is wrong with the cable, it needs a clean, the chain could do with an oil probably, there’s a creaking noise from the seatpost somewhere, and finally (or at least as far as I’m aware) the bars make an odd clicking noise.

It’s probably about an hours work to sort out the headset, the chain and the brake. I’ve been thinking about the seatpost and what to do. The saddle’s too nice for the bike. as well.

Then I get distracted and start thinking about the nice bike. And how that needs to have the steerer chopped down and the spacers sorted out and the headset bearing cover replaced by something a little racier. And the crack of doom that was sounding from the bottom bracket last time I rode it. (Catford and Bec HC. So some time ago). Which was serviced. And the pedals appear to be  tightened beyond the strength in my arms and I now can’t swap them over. Which raises the concern of fused pedals to crank arms. And should I ride this in my first race in the crash happy cat 4s at Hillingdon?

Which then makes me think of the winter bike and it’s failing brake lever. And it’s bottom bracket that needs some attention. And the wheels that may or may not need some love with a spoke key and a qualified expert. And the mudguard that was snapped when I failed with a headset fiddle while I was waiting for someone to turn up to a ride on a lovely day in the sunshine. And how I had to walk in full kit and cleats from Richmond Park to Barnes to get  a train via Clapham to then walk down Streatham High Road in full kit.

Finally, my thoughts turn to the nice fixed bike. With it’s paint job that makes me feel self-conscious and it’s lack of bottle mounts which mean I have to fudge an ugly bottle cage on there if I want to do longer fixed rides. And how it never comes out of the shed now, but I love it and want to ride it more. Only I haven’t got any pedals on it at the moment, and my nice pedals are apparently fused to the nice bike.

These are some of the thoughts that go through my head when I open the shed.


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